Program Benefits

Belly Friendly increases revenue. Belly Friendly offers increased spa revenue and a healthy ROI in a highly competitive market. With nearly 16,000 pregnant women entering the market each day, the time is ripe for spas to cultivate the growing maternity spa market. 

Belly Friendly sets spas apart. The backbone of Belly Friendly is its pregnancy awareness program. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the one-of-a-kind program provides in-depth online education for all staff involved in the prenatal spa experience, from front desk personnel and management to therapists – alleviating common concerns surrounding staff turnover. Focusing on safety and the emotional and physical states of pregnancy, the educational program  raises awareness for everything the mom-to-be is experiencing – ensuring confidence in both therapist and client. The front desk staff will benefit from details on the common myths, etiquette and faux pas of pregnancies, while therapists will delve even deeper to explore the aches and pains associated with hormonal and musculoskeletal changes by trimester. Belly Friendly also offers onsite prenatal certification for therapists (7 CPUs).

Belly Friendly provides the resources necessary to drive business. Once spas become Belly Friendly, it's important to get the word out. Belly Friendly provides the brand recognition and marketing support necessary to drive business. For Gold and Platinum subscriptions, the program provides detailed training and marketing templates designed to help spas get the word out, from public relations and strategic partnerships to community outreach and events. Belly Friendly even offers professional, compelling collateral for spas to communicate participation in the Belly Friendly program.