Frequently Asked Questions

Why Belly Friendly?

There are many reasons to subscribe to the Belly Friendly spa program:

  • Gain tools to help you build your prenatal clientele in a non-seasonal market
  • Gain access to education for staff, professionally designed collateral materials and proven marketing program
  • Secure on-site prenatal certification for your therapists
  • Differentiate your spa and secure positive recognition
  • Break-even with as little as two services per month

What does prenatal certification include?

At the platinum level, Belly Friendly's prenatal certification includes an eight hour on-site training led by a professional. The class, which is good for up to 25 therapists, addresses both emotional and physical states of the expecting mother. The class includes prenatal massage fundamentals such as client positioning, precautions and contraindications as well as how to address pregnancy-specific concerns. Techniques and positioning is also addressed. Therapists participating in the class receive seven CPUs

What type of marketing does Belly Friendly offer?

Marketing materials and programs are available to spas based on plan level. Marketing materials to include professionally designed, downloadable templates, posters, promotional tents, signage and window decals. Programs include gift certificates, community and partner outreach programs, website listing and banner ads and press releases.

For more information about plans, please see our Plan Comparisons.

Are additional services available?

Belly Friendly offers a variety of services designed to take spas to the next level. Belly Friendly will consult with spas on menu treatment development, retail and skincare strategy, and enhanced public relations and advertising campaigns.

Contact Belly Friendly for additional details and pricing information.

Are there any start-up fees?

No. There are no start-up fees — after the execution of the Partner Agreement, there is a one-time charge based on the plan purchased.

How does Belly Friendly gift certificate redemption work?

If a client comes to your spa with a Belly Friendly gift certificate, you accept the certificate for products or services equivalent to the dollar amount. You will then log in to the redemption website to process the redemption, and send the certificates to us each month for reimbursement of the face value of the certificate, less a 10% marketing fee.

What is the length of commitment when I purchase a Belly Friendly plan?

The one-time fee covers 12 months. After the period is up, there is a reduced renewal fee.

How do I become Belly Friendly?

You can apply online at

What are the terms and conditions that I'm agreeing to?

Applying online does not obligate you to the program. Once you qualify as a partner, we will provide a copy of our contract for review.

What education do you provide that my staff doesn't already have?

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our one-of-a-kind online pregnancy awareness program provides in-depth information for all staff involved in the prenatal spa experience, from front desk personnel and management to therapists. Focusing on safety and the emotional and physical states of pregnancy, the program raises awareness for everything the client is experiencing — ensuring confidence in both therapist and client. The front desk staff will benefit from details on the common myths, etiquette and faux pas of pregnancy, while therapists will delve even deeper to explore the aches and pains associated with hormonal and musculoskeletal changes by trimester.

Does the Belly Friendly education include prenatal certification?

The Belly Friendly pregnancy awareness program is included in all plans. The education program is focused on safety and comfort, as well as creating a pregnancy friendly &mdashl; or Belly Friendly — environment. Although therapists will gain a deep understanding of working with pregnant women, as well as the confidence needed to provide the highest quality service, they will not receive any certification or continuing education credits as part of the Silver or Gold plan. Spas interested in on-site prenatal certification should purchase the Platinum plan.

Do all therapists have to have prenatal certification?

All therapists are not required to have prenatal certification. However, we recommend that any therapist performing prenatal services, regardless of participation in our program, should undergo prenatal specific training.

Belly Friendly is passionate about helping our partners provide the highest quality, safest prenatal spa services in the industry and we believe that a deep understanding of the prenatal experience is a key component to establishing confidence in staff and clients. Spas wishing to secure prenatal certification for their therapists should purchase the Platinum plan.