Frequently Asked Questions

What is Belly Friendly Pregnancy Awareness Education?

Suitable for all staff, our unique Pregnancy Awareness Education courses encapsulate the award winning, nationally recognized Barefoot & Pregnant spa experience. In 2003, Barefoot & Pregnant was the first prenatal spa in the country, and quickly became popular for offering unparalleled services in a pregnancy-friendly environment. The Belly Friendly spa program allows spas across the country to create a similar experience. Our educational courses focus on the common myths, etiquette and faux pas of pregnancy, and the emotional and physical states of pregnancy. The courses raise awareness for everything the client is experiencing — ensuring confidence in both therapist and client.

What does the Belly Friendly Prenatal Certification include?

The Belly Friendly multi-level prenatal certification program (12 CEs) is approved by NCBTMB, AMTA, ABMP and the State of Florida. Focusing on safety, positioning and the physical states of pregnancy, the training begins with lessons appropriate for all spa staff, and then delves deeper to explore the challenges associated with hormonal and musculoskeletal changes by trimester. Watch a step-by-step prenatal massage protocol demonstration, learn hands on techniques appropriate for all trimesters, and discover seamless draping and positioning of expectant moms. From prenatal skin conditions and remedies to the use of essential oils, the Belly Friendly certification program provides deep understanding designed to boost therapist confidence and provide unrivaled services.

What is Spa Standard and its relationship to Belly Friendly?

Spa Standard is an online learning platform that aims to set a new standard for the industry’s approach to continuing education with ready access to affordable, quality opportunities to learn, share and grow. Spa Standard’s goal is to elevate the beauty and wellness industry through continuing education, mentorship and collaboration among its members. By partnering with Spa Standard, Belly Friendly is able to offer CE accreditation through a partner that shares our values on the importance of education when working with expectant mothers. By partnering with Belly Friendly, Spa Standard is able to provide the very best prenatal CE certification course in the industry. Belly Friendly Spa and Spa Platinum members access the course at no additional charge on the Spa Standard website, and Spa Standard members receive a discount on Belly Friendly programs.


What is Belly Friendly Marketing Education?

The Belly Friendly Marketing Education course provides insight and guidance for self-implemented marketing campaigns. Learn how to announce your practice to the media, develop strategic partnerships, generate traffic to your site and grow your social media audience.


What marketing materials are included in my partnership?

Marketing materials are available to spas based on plan level. Marketing materials can include professionally designed, downloadable templates, posters, promotional tents, banner ads, signage and window decals.

I am a therapist; as a Belly Friendly partner can I promote my spa as Belly Friendly?

A spa employing a Belly Friendly therapist is not a Belly Friendly spa.  To become a Belly Friendly spa, additional therapist and staff education is required, based on the size and qualifying criteria of the spa. Abuse of partnership will lead to termination of agreement.


Can the annual fee be paid monthly?

Since all features of the Program are provided upon execution, the program fee should be paid in full at implementation. In some cases, we are willing to accept a down payment, and subsequent monthly payments. Contact Belly Friendly for details.

If Belly Friendly Prenatal Certification is required, why is it priced separately on the Therapist plan?

To insure our therapists have more flexibility and opportunity when it comes to education, we have reduced our annual fee for this plan. Therapists are encouraged to go directly to to enroll in the Belly Friendly Prenatal Certification Course.

Are additional services available?

Belly Friendly offers a variety of services designed to take your practice to the next level. Belly Friendly is available to consult on branding, menu treatment development, retail and skincare strategy, enhanced public relations and marketing campaigns.