Tennis Ball Massage

Foot massage. Stand barefoot near a wall or holding onto a chair. Put one foot on top of a tennis ball placed on the floor, and lean your weight onto it, rolling the arch of your foot back and forth slowly. Put as much weight into it as possible (hold onto a chair to keep your balance). If you notice a particularly tender spot, keep working it.

Some tension-relieving variations:

Bottom massage. Place a tennis ball between the wall and one side of your bottom, and lean into it. Roll the ball all around your overworked gluteal muscles by bending and extending your knees. Repeat on the other side.

Back massage. Bend your knees and place the ball between the edge of one shoulder blade and your spine. Press into the wall, and bend and extend your knees to roll it around your upper back. Move the ball down to the area below your ribs and above your hips. You’re looking for the squarish muscle (the quadratus lumborum) that connects your lowest rib to the top ridge of the hipbone. When you find it, press into the wall and roll the ball around.