The Belly Friendly Team

Stacy Denney, Founder/CEO

The founder of Barefoot & Pregnant and Belly Friendly, Stacy Denney is instrumental in the prenatal spa movement. From the launch of Barefoot & Pregnant, the country's first prenatal spa, to the introduction of Belly Friendly, a national spa education and recognition program, it is her mission to insure quality prenatal services are accessible to women.

Kim Pierce, Vice President

Belly Friendly's biggest cheerleader, Kim has been integrally involved in insuring top-notch spa services are available to moms-to-be since 2003 with the advent of Barefoot & Pregnant. Long-time friend and advisor to Stacy, she insures that Belly Friendly is a trusted and accessible brand.

Melanie Moran, Director of Sales

Melanie is Belly Friendly's sales guru. Cal State alumni, advertising expert and mother of three, she combines her expertise and passion to fuel the availability of Belly Friendly services in every market. Contact Melanie to get Belly Friendly today!

Cassandra Erpenbach, Account Manager

As one of the very first Barefoot & Pregnant spa partners, Cassandra proved the ease in which the prenatal program can be integrated. With deep experience on the spa-side, it's Cassondra's goal to make every Belly Friendly partnership successful.

Corazon Riley, Communications Manager

Since starting with Barefoot & Pregnant in 2009, Corazon has proved a jack of all trades. After coordinating multiple communications programs, she now manages Belly Friendly's social media efforts and newsletters.

Kristi Sayler, Community Outreach Coordinator

A long-time team member, Kristi has proved essential in reaching the prenatal community, connecting like-minded businesses so that they can team to provide the very best to expecting moms.